The necessary passion to be great comes with a passion to be necessary.
— LaVarro Jones

Born out of the Necessary Filmmakers Showcase, a monthly showcase displaying short films from local filmmakers, the Necessary Filmmakers Festival believes filmmaking is not only solely a fun adventure, or way to tell a story, but also a necessary medium.  So much goes into filmmaking, there are so many jobs on creating a film. Almost any profession has a place on a film set.

Our festival is here to encourage filmmaking.  We have all the normal categories (features, shorts, docs and narrative)  but we also include some of the newer platforms such as web series. We also have a category that is strictly for the first time filmmaker, encouraging new filmmakers to get their feet wet in this industry.  


This 4 day festival will include industry panels, mixers, and of course the screening of your wonderful films.  To encourage filmmakers there is a special category for first time filmmakers. This festival is the perfect platform to get you very first project on a big screen in front of an audience, of industry professionals, movie enthusiast, as well as your friends family and peers.  

So if you have a project you would like us to screen please send it in. If this is your first attempt a filmmaking please don’t hesitate to send in your film. Now is the time to jump in the fire and get busy making movies!